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Tuesday, 15 December 2009

ickle and Lardee's Shower Gel

Not sure why I was inspired to write a post about toothpastes when I have to study a whole book on yoga philosophy. I suppose this is my way of digressing and deferring duties. Or I just wanted to share with my fellow bloggers my empirical expertise on the subject.  I hope to be of help to ickle and Lardee to chose the right shower gel!

Jokes aside, oral care is for me of paramount importance. Last year I even tried the laser whitening with impressive results, and I am tempted to repeat the ordeal next year - the effects were excellent but the procedure merciless. Brushing teeth is an action we repeat multiple times a day, so why not make it an enjoyable activity? With electric toothbrushes has never been easier and quicker. If there is something I wouldn't want to travel without is my pillow and a travel electric toothbrush. Similarly, once you get used to a particular toothpaste is hard to look behind.

I first started using Neo Emorfom under a friend's recommendation. Neo Emoform is a salty pink paste but mild in taste and gentle to the palate. It was a world away from the nauseatingly sweet mint pastes.

In London I discovered Euthymol. It was an epydemy. All my family and friends couldn't use anything else and I had to periodically source it for everybody as it is only stocked in the UK. Euthymol has got a surgical taste due to a strong antiseptic: thymol. I stopped using it because I found it, in the long run, quite aggressive, but I would reuse it occasionally. 

One day Steve took home Corsodyl, a new brand extension from Corsodyl mounthwash. It takes a while to get used to the slightly bitter herbal taste. Steve never passed the test. I, on the contrary, liked it straightaway, and it has been a must-have on my shelves since. 

Yesterday I was given an Indian toothpaste to pass on to my friend. I can't taste it as it's not mine {I am only a messenger}, but my friend swore it's the best she has ever tried. I can smell a spicy scent coming through the tube and the box: it's pure extract of miswak herbs. Divine smell of orient...

I would be very curious to know which toothpaste you use aside from, say, Colgate!


Mel said...

Thanks Amica Carmilla for once again bringing another Ickle and Lardie story to our attention!! Personally, sensodyne pronamel is a favourite of mine and recognised by the Prof at Guy's Hospital who looked after my teeth :-)

Amicacarmilla said...

My dad was also recommended Sensodyne by his Italian dentist after he over-used Euthymol... The trouble with it is that it is too gentle and too minty for my tastes...

Superqueen said...

Neo Emoform is gorgeous! I love its salty taste. Have you ever used Marvis toothpastes? I like them a lot.