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Monday, 16 November 2009

Kirtan Experience Report

A candlelit room with wooden vaulted ceilings and arched windows was the perfect setting for our evening of kirtan. On stage, a cello, a harmonium, various tablas, tambourines and karatal hand cymbals, and two great voices: Dave Stringer and Narayani Jennings.

 {Dave Stringer's Band}
After an introductory hymn performed by Dave, we chanted four mantras in Sanskrit with intervals of meditative silence, anecdotes and poetry. The solemn sound of kirtan (originally a devotional chant in the Hinduism tradition) was injected, in turn, with blues, rock and jazz notes.

 {Jason Kalidas}
Everybody fully enjoyed the night freely dancing, meditating and chanting from the heart. From an external western eye, we may have looked a bunch of modern hippies – and maybe we were, at least for one night. It was a liberating, exhilarating and, above all, fun experience. I woke up the next morning with a smile.

 {Narayani Jennings}
I am so glad Narayani is based in London. I have added her to my Facebook contacts and I will no doubt go and sing with her again.

{Clumsy snapshot taken with my Blackberry}

Below is one of Dave's performances from You Tube. BUT be aware that it is nowhere as charming and involving as the live experience.

For those interested and based in London, kirtan is played every Saturday at 6.30 at Triyoga London.

Bhajan: Bolo Bolo Submil Bolo

 Om Namah Shivaaya Om Namah Shivaaya
Bolo Bolo Submil Bolo Om Namah Shivaaya
Jhootajataamey Gangaa Dhaari
Trishoola Dhari Damaru Bhajavey
Dama Dama Dama Dama Damaru Baja
Goonj Uthavo Nama Shivaya

Om Nama Shivaaya (4x)

{Sing, sing, everyone in worship of Lord Shiva
Bow, surrender to Lord Shiva
Sing, sing, everyone in worship of Lord Shiva
He bears the Ganges in his twisted locks of hair
He holds the trident, his damaru (drum) plays "Dama Dama"
The atmosphere echoes with Shiva's name
Bow, surrender to Lord Shiva (x4)}

Photo credit: Dave and his band from Dave Stringer Facebook Fan Page; Jason and Narayani from Narayani Facebook album

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vi said...

wow. I like it! I want to come next time!