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Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Eating in is the New Going Out

Salad Club, Marmite Lover and Hidden Kitchen are more than food blogs. Once a month they become underground restaurants, bric-a-brac bistros, or  simply house dinners open to the public. 

This is an embryonic trend currently detected in metropolis like London, Paris and New York, and attracting *H.E.I.D.I.* types (i.e. Highly Educated Independent Degree-carrying Individuals) in search of more authentic and intimate experiences, disinterested relationships and promiscuous dining adventures with a whiff of singularity and unexpected. This acronym, far from pigeonholing online generation into a stiff category, is a broad neologism indicating thirty-something educated and well-travelled people with a good job but not career climbers, design-conscious but not fashion victims and, above all, with loads of friends. 

{Photo from Domino Magazine}

In the same way homely B&Bs are often preferred to soulless hotels, pirate restaurants may be favoured to conventional eating out. I am not sure about the ultimate success of this new social entertainment. Too early to be said. But I would not be surprised to see it developing. After all, it does share the same objective of blogs and social networks:  to connect, gather and share... which I fully embrace, at least in principle.

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