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Sunday, 13 September 2009


A the Vogue Night event, in simultaneity with other fashion cities, photos from the Vogue Night @ Liberty. I didn't stay long as I was in company of hungry bunnies, so we ended up in a sushi bar and missed Vogue Fashion Editor, but it was still worth the visit as I met her and him.
Liberty's First Floor
Vlad Kaltenieks & Yasmin Sewell
Yasmin Sewell
Richard Nicoll
I could skip this embarrassment, but I think it is a quite funny incident marking my catastrophic début into the world of fashion. This was the first fashion event I ever attended. Me: Oh nice, is this your first collection? Richard: Ehmmm, no, it is actually my 10th collection. Put here an evil look from Vlad. Oh Dear... But Richard was a gentleman. He shyly admitted to be still relatively unknown. Relatively unknown with clothes stocked in Liberty and Brown Fashion? It may be the fantastic work of Yasmin, but he is actually a *habitue* of London Fashion Week, as I then realised. The irony is that, when I googled him, I soon recognised clothes from his past collection which influenced the colour-blocking trend of last year. At the time, I even seriously considered buying this dress, but clearly didn't. I would have remembered his name as I know all the makes of the clothes I own...

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