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Wednesday, 29 July 2009

South Africa Chapter 4: Artic Monkeys

Along the Panoramic route we enjoyed so many natural wonders which cannot be described with words: the Pinnacle, the Potholes, the Blyde river canyon and the God's view are only a few showcases of Mpumalanga region. Amongst all the beauties, our highlight was a group of Monkeys and a baby monkeys trying to cross the road. Cute! I kept asking Steve to stop the car and take photos, many, as you can see. Click on the photos to magnify them.
Justify Full
The Pinnacle
God's Window
Lisbon Falls (there are 30 plus falls in the area)
Blyde River Canyon (third biggest green Canyon, after the Grand Canyon and Namibian Canyon)
On the way back we stopped at Pilgrim's Rest, a gold mine village made of antique shops. We had a tragicomic incident: we parked the car in front of a police station as Steve claimed that it was a safer move. When we got back, two youngsters were WASHING our car. Oh dear! We approached them, and they were so proud of the good job they did that they demanded 120 Rands. We managed to haggle it down to 60 and to drive away as fastest as we could.
Pilgrim's Rest
Back to the Rissington Inn we had a lovely dinner with Whole Berry - Cabernet Sauvignon 2007. Walking back to our room and inhaling the sweet smell of dill, bananas and potatoes was calming and soothing. Tomorrow: Shangala cultural village and the medicine man and Elephant camp before starting our five day safari in Makhalili Game Reserve. Stay tuned.

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