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Monday, 20 July 2009

News from the fashion and design world

Anthropologie, one of my favourite American shops selling colourful prints, is opening a store in London, Regent's Street this Autumn! I shouldn't applaud so much yet another shop chain, but this will save me from fantasising of flying to NYC only to shop at Anthropologie!
Coco Avant Chanel will be released in London on 31st July!
And I am so curious to watch Antichrist by Lars VonTrier starring another French star: I bought a mirror from Graham & Green and some fake hydrangeas and peonies for my DIY project of redecorating the bathroom. The mirror is part of a Moroccan inspired collection of beautifully inlay furniture, which may result to someone heavy to the eye, but not to me: I find them so decadent, exotic and bursting with character. The colour palette I am using it's a bit bizarre: sage, ivy, pink and black. I took loose inspiration by the Hotel Chelsea's decor and I see this little project a surrealistic attempt of shaking and shocking the canonic function of objects. Makes any sense? Wait to see! In other news, I have been given a performance achievement reward at work in the form of vouchers and decided to use them in the most stylish store listed amongst the options: Selfridges. I still don't have clue what I am going to get but it has to be something durable and arty. Finally, I have just finished to watch the entire series of Gossip Girl, and I am hooked. It is more dramatic and passionate than SATC and more ironic and intrigued than Beverley Hills 90210, but it retains the same stylish taste of the former and the same basic story line of the latter (rich adolescents mingling or clashing with "normal" teenagers). At least, this is my three seconds take on it. I think this Philip Lim dress is one of the best pieces sported by Queen B. I admit though that it instantly loses all its charm when worn by tacky P.

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