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I don't believe in morality, but I believe in ethical conduct as set out by His Holiness the Dalai Lama: "Ethical conduct = a way of behaving that respects others’ right to be happy".

Saturday, 4 October 2008

I do I do I do

this past week has been a gown fitting tour de force. i decided to pack three appointments in a row and, as a consequence of this (bad call), i had to wake up bright and early (which i am not used to as i don't normally use an alarm clock) to leave work on time... i think i found the shape that suits me (and probably most of the bodies). i may have feven found the right dress. i am going to see some more in italy in november and then decide. this month i have three italian films booked (Gomorra, Quiet Chaos and A Perfect Day) and will finally go and watch The Dark Knight at the IMAX. valentina has invited me to a Diabolik night including a talk about "50's and 60's Western culture's fascination with exotica" and the screening of Diabolik indeed... intriguing. this afternoon i am going to use my tate membership for the first time to admire Rothko's works, and next week it will be Francis Bacon's turn. if time allows me, i would love to visit the new Saatchi Gallery which will reopen its doors on 9 october in the up-town area of Chelsea (and it's free admission). on 25 october the Affordable Art Fair is on again, but i am not sure whether i'll attend or not as last time i left my eyes on an artist whose work i decided not to buy with the prospect to purchase it this time around in the hope that my finances were more prosperous... but they are not. SIGH. this evening we are at Emiliano's house for a carbonara followed by drinks in Camden with Francesco & Hisano. i have two more dinners and a few drinks with work this month. food and drinks - the best way of socialising. next saturday we will be in Ascot but i have no hat. now, this is a BIG problem. it will be my first horse racing watching experience - steve took me to dog racing in one of our very first dates, but that was it. we have been climbing the ladder since. : ) i am going back to Brussels by the end of the month - potentially my last trip for a while and definitely my last business trip. we are going to celebrate the launch of a journal i commissioned last year, which should be fun, except for the early rise to travel back straight to work. and, dulcis in fundo, Koko is hosting a Battiato concert on 28th, which i can't miss... ; ) OK, off to dye my hair and finish off a few must-do chores... have a great weekend, blog readers!

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