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Sunday, 15 June 2008

Power, Bikram or Iyengar?

After eight years of astanga viniasa and hatha yoga, I decided to try bikram yoga. I heard so many stories about it and after the ultimate finnish experience, i went with Amanda on Wednesday. I fell seriously ill. I mean, is it not bad enough to feel dizzy, claustrophobic, breathless and start seeing white dots, have dyarrea and throwing up?!? I nonetheless stayed till the end of the class and even signed up for a month of trial! Mad? I just thoguth that you should not base your opinions on your first time. Plus, I needed more time to decide whether this practice is really not for me. So, with some hesitation, I went again today and, to my relief, it was much much better. I feel great now and have been pondering the reasons of this difference:

1. Last time, I had not had a proper lunch
2. I came straight from an intense day of work
3. I had period
4. I thought the class was one hour when it lasts one and a half hour
5. I was in the middle of the room, cramped amongst sweaty fellow yogini
6. I could watch myself in the mirror - distracting!
7. The teacher was quite hard-core
8. I panicked and breathed through my mouth

Today, although the class was slightly higher level:

1. I had had a proper breakfast/lunch: organic burger, aubergine/tomato tart and an ice cream
2. I had a good lie-in and a nice walk to the farmer market with steven before the class
3. My period is turning to an end
4. I knew what to expect -- the asanas are always the same (see image above), in the same order and always duplicated
5. I positioned my mat at the back and near the door to soothe my escaping feelings
6. I could not watch myself in the mirror and could concentrate on my inner balance
7. The teacher pointed out when the heat was off
8. I activated my ujjayi breathing

It was still knackering but overall an enjoyable experience.

I am going to keep practicing as much as I can this month and just before i head off to NYC (where I want to try Gurmukh's yoga centre), i am going to try Iyengar Yoga -- I have high hopes on this institute because if i like and manage to convince the teachers that i am a practiced yogini, i may start the teaching traning in november.... that would be a dream, so better not to hold my hopes too tight!

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