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Sunday, 13 April 2008

"Wendy, I'm home."

we can call it a day ... it took us two weekends to re-decorate the flat but at last, thanks to steve's mum & dad's physical help (thanks!!!!!!!!!!), our joint debit card, steve' intuition and my taste, it's all done! well, we are still waiting for a couple of bespoke wooden frames and we haven't replaced the cracked sink yet, but these are only superfluous details... let's take a quick tour:

we bought the red carpet in morocco in 2005. we actually came back with three new hand-made rugs from that fantastic trip. the TV, its stand and the fifty style floor lamp are new. the rest has been all recycled and moved around. i really love the balck vintage english phone. since he doesn't support telediscount (magic numbers to call abroad), it became a deco piece. the jo malone candle is fig scent - i absolutely love it as it puts me in a good mood. i look forward to my trip to NYC where I am planning to take my reflex camera and its stand with me - no matter what!

this coffee table is just right - perfect length, perfect height and perfect style. that plant doesn't look in v. good shape but is six years old. i got it the first month i moved to UK (six years ago this month!) - needless to stress the sentimental value it holds. it is in desperate need to be replanted, but i am too scared to kill it. i will have to wait for my mum to help me, but if you have some tips, please come forward. i would be immensely grateful for it!

the pink ukulele with manga picture is not a toy. it's a real one. it was a random present from Steve. he just thought it was cute and would love it. still need figure out how to play it!

these lights at night are "red light district", and we like them...

at my mum's house i found some old photos of myself as a child and decided to frame them as a way to preserve my childhood...

i am v. content with these two old-fashion jars, i got today for 8 quids.

and finally all the spices we collected from our various travels (Egypt, Morocco, Finland)...


my next plan is to get a giant vintage world map to hang on the wall and build a mezzanine floor in the bedroom, so i can fit this mannequine (or bust form) where i can rest my clothes upon and style them. how lovely is it?

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