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I don't believe in morality, but I believe in ethical conduct as set out by His Holiness the Dalai Lama: "Ethical conduct = a way of behaving that respects others’ right to be happy".

Monday, 21 April 2008

osso buco

i am generally against the idea of bulk food shopping as we are not a family yet and i like to buy and eat daily fresh food, but this weekend i did shopping twice! in wholefood i got chinese cabbage as i loved its shape, juicy white melon, ginger cereals (delicious!) and venisson sausages with blueberries, amongst other items. but the thing that really made my day was OSSO BUCO! i finally found the veal steak with marrow bone which i used to love as a child. in UK it is a rather exclusive dish. i braised it in the oven with vegetables, stock, white wine and oil for over two hours. the result was fantastic - such an intense taste! it's not a case that doggies are so into marrowbone!!!

then, under valentina's instigation and under an impetus of nostalgia i couldn't resist to stock up tons of de cecco pasta, buondi motta, ferrarelle water, lavazza coffee, kinder colazione piu ... (in other words all the groceries of my italian days) from this website. prices are cheaper than sainsbury's and delivery is free. wise choice, non?

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