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Sunday, 9 March 2008

eva's style

the sartorialist has been defined as one of time's magazines 100 top design influencer as his tagline reads. he photographs fashionistas and stylish people on the streets of NYC, Milan, Florence, Stockholm and Paris. his peculiarity is that he is very selective, always finds appropriate backgrounds (with deep perspectives whenever possible) and targets boys as well as girls of all ages!
over the years, at every fashion show in Milan, he has been immortalising a cute girl whose graceful beauty, refreshing look and full smile have been compared to audrey hepburn's. with diligent patience, i went through his archives to find all her shots and collect them in one place. i also undertook a small research to know who she is. sartorialist did not declare her identity as his blog is not about gossips, and i agree that it is part of the charm to keep his subjects' identity unknown, but i can vaguely disclose that her name is Eva and she is a journalist. the young journalist has clearly a distinctive taste and class to sell. she enhances her petite and proportioned silhouette with mini dresses and flat pumps, these latters being a recurrent item in her wardrobe, for a sweet and effortless look which is lived up by quirky details, such as feathers, henna tattoos, v. high-waisted trousers, eccentric hats, fun headbands and splashes of colour. i love the way she plays with her hair by embellishing it with pigtails and bows worn with cuteness and a bit of irony. and she is a fan of flats. thumbs up!

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