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Saturday, 1 March 2008

Being Tati

in a few hours i have to slip into a catsuit to pretend to be Tati of Occhi di Gatto... aurelie is having a house party to celebrate her third anniversary in london, and the theme is 3...

think, think and think what a cool 3D-outfit could be... and i had an epiphany: Occhi di Gatto, one of my favourite cartoons. they are three (sisters), clever and sexy. and being tati would mean to realise my dream, as i always used to identify myself with her, although with mature eyes i have to say that Kelly, the oldest, is the sexiest one. they are unusual thieves as they steal for a good cause: to try and get back their father's art collection.

i am starting feeling a bit nervous at the idea of showing myself in a tight catsuit... oh god, i hope not to make a fool of myself... luckily i will not be alone. laura and my compagna di merende valentina will suffer with me. ah ah ah.

i cannot promise photos, but you'll give you a full report!


as promised, i am posting one photo from the party. well, we have not much to do with the sexy cat's eye sisters, but we had fun getting ready, learning the soundtrack, dancing the soundtrack and smashing glasses on the floor for the whole afternoon. we arrived at the party fashionably late by midnight, and our look was cheered by all the french girls there - apparently it was a popular cartoon in france, too!

p.s. it was not too bad living in a shiny and shaping
black catsuit, which i will happily recycle for yoga.

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