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Saturday, 24 November 2007

press week

in between reviews and photo display, let me give you a quick update of my week. the first half of it was hectic, work-wise. monday and tuesday i stayed in the office till 10pm! the good news is that all my books have gone for press including the most difficult project of 2007. i have worked on this translation since april 2006 (a year and eight months) as commissioner, project manager, problem-solver, recruiter, proof-reader, legal assistant, negotiator and chaser, so it was the biggest relief to see it finished by the planned deadline. my bosses offered me a bottle of champagne as a thank-you gift. a thoughtful gesture. now i am organising its book launch in brussels and, unlike back in august when we mis-calculated the timing and thought to be able to present it in florence, i am planning this event pressure-free, and the whole process is much more enjoyable.

although i have not visited my yoga centre this week, for which i feel a subtle but deep sense of guilt, i am quite glad to be able to do nothing for a change. this weekend will be devoted to my interests, catching up with my readings, finishing the planning of our forthcoming holiday, writing at least a review and do some e-shopping... i am also starting looking ahead to next year and drafting my resolutions, as some of them may be quite radical and require some serious preparation.

below some funny memories of clopis and giaccio in london:

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