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Thursday, 11 October 2007

Thursday 13 - focus on china

13 things i learnt with astonishment from channel 4 programme, china's stolen children:

1. couples cannot get married until they are 20.
2. couples in china need to apply for a child permit before procreating.
3. under the *one child policy* chinese families cannot have more than one child.
4. if a second child, or a child without permit is born, is either sold or parents must pay a fine of 7/8000 CNY.^
although illegal, the sex of a child can be detected with ultrasounds on the fourth/fifth month of pregnancy, and if it is a girl, she is likely to be aborted as under the *one child policy* families prefer to have boys who can continue the family heritage.
6. because of the high rate of child abduction, the government forbids to post missing children's posters on the streets.
7. victims of child trafficking are not allowed to talk to western people as china is trying to hide this crisis.

8. a boy costs between 8/9000
CNY - if he is pretty even 11/12000 CNY.
9. a girl between 4/5000
10. a new born is cheaper because requires more care.

11. a child over ten is not a good candidate because he may know his/her way home.

12. teenagers girls are kidnapped and sold to become wives because of the sex unbalance the *one child policy* and child trafficking have caused.
13. a trafficker usually gets 3 to 4% of commission on sales... and considers himself an *agent* between two parties in negotiation.

Next week, I'll look at some extravaganzas of the US of America purely based on the impressions from my first visit to the states and the following week we'll dwell on Italy's oddities and UK's eccentricities.

^ 1 British Pound = 15.34857 Chinese Yuan Renminbi.
1 Euro = 10.62352 Chinese Yuan Renminbi.
1 US Dollar = 7.52001 Chinese Yuan Renminbi.

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