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I don't believe in morality, but I believe in ethical conduct as set out by His Holiness the Dalai Lama: "Ethical conduct = a way of behaving that respects others’ right to be happy".

Wednesday, 18 July 2007


"welcome to the biggest concert on earth"

i have not mentioned this yet but i went to live earth! and it was a blast!

to be honest with you up until the day of the concert, i had not given a thought to the cause. too busy i was in getting the tickets, finding friends to go, selling spare tickets and indulging in the amazing line-up, which included foo fighters, beasty boys, kasabian, red hot chilly peppers, and MADONNA,amongst many others!
that morning i happened to read a timely article about our collective denial towards climate crisis, which is so rooted in our lazy minds. Climate change has in fact been known since 1965 - the article stated!

perhaps one of the reasons why i was not linking the rock event to the environmental factor is because, unlike other charity initiatives, i was not sure how i could contribute to this cause through the concert. i mean, the simple act to go to the concert is an anti-eco act: for start, i need to travel there, consume food and drinks, etc. but it was useful to be reminded how with simple daily healthy habits we can give a valuable contribution to our planet. and it partly worked. i have not started yet a proper recycling system, but i am more conscious of my actions. i have developed a certain sense of guilt every time i do not behave in an eco-friendly way - oddily the same guilt i used to feel every time i lit up a cigarette. perhaps, i should say that i have been developing an ethical conduct derived by a sense of love for nature, rather than by guilt, but, alas, my catholic substrate always lies beneath my skin. i hope that a cospicuous part of the hefty ticket's price will go towards *research & development*, or better towards all the projects promoting eco-living through the exploitation of renewable energies. for, if everybody knows that polar bears are dying and seasons are screwed up, not many people know how to save energy or convert their house into an energy-efficient pad! madonna herself had no clue and has admitted to be completely novel to the issue. her carbon footprint is a hundred times bigger than an average briton, but the reinvention girl has already come up with a remedy by hiring a *green coach* who will educate her to become an eco queen.
for an evil turn of my destiny i have suddenly turned *poor*: £2000 disappeared from my bank account - a clear example of fraud. being skint means that i cannot consume (and so pollute). apart from the green side of this broke experience, i have been trying to look at the bride side of it: i have started attributing a different value to things and experiences. i am despising some and appreciating others. in other words, this is like a sort of life lesson for me. however, it is not nice when you have to spare to the penny, especially when there are bills to pay and, more importantly, holidays to book! nobody can deny that travels are the best life gym, indeed!

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