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Monday, 2 April 2007

cumulative post

in between cleaning my bathroom and awaiting dinner, i take a blogging break. i have a sisley mask on my face smelling of pongo. since i have been using high-cosmetics beauty care (trials), i can see the difference: my skin looks younger and i have not had the odd spot i usually get since. it really works. shame for the prohibitive price. on another note, i am listening to mono right now, and they are great. it would be the perfect soundtrack of an old french film...

my posts are turning into *3 for 1*. the amount of topics i touch without developing are enough to produce at least three posts each time. so, again i am going to fly over this week(end) sharing *only* the main highlights:
TUESDAY - dan, lofty and i surprised jeanpanick at his gallery in mayfair. he works for an art gallery in capri as an art dealer (or capri', as the foreigners call it) and was exhibiting in london for a week. we spent time browsing amongst his paintings and the other galleries which roll out one after the other along cork street. if you are in london and want some contemporary art and free drink, head here. there is an opening every night. we popped into the nearby gallery and spotted also a magritte! i got chatted up by a man who could have been my granddad! he even asked me my email to go to theatre sometimes (!). maybe the creams do not work that well, after all! i managed to disentangling myself from that octopus and re-joined my friends for a japanese dinner. row tuna with rice for me. yummy!
SATURDAY - at last i visited little venice, which has nothing of venice except the canal, but it has its own charm and is surrounded by creamy imposing mansions. in the late afternoon we got ready to take part to our surprise party for dan, who resolutely decided to swap england with italy for good. bless him! and good luck to him with the job hunting! the party was a blast. the best moments were to see dan's shocked face (he was speechless), to watch an italian and a brazilian dancing in their pants and the last part of the party when everybody was drinking and dancing around the pool table while lofty was trying to play and was taking the challenge too seriously. he lost. after the brazilian started swinging his ass, all the boys stopped dancing and started complaining: "i can't compete!" ... too funny! : )
SUNDAY - Cinema at 11am-it's becoming a habit. we watched the lives of others (see review next). sunday was a long day. after the film, we jumped on a bus and headed to the tate where we met maga & jeanpanick. i went on the tallest slide! yes, i did. yes, i did. so proud of myself. i got a ticket at the last minute when it was too late to stepped down the queue. to avoid the theatrical scene of an italian young lady in front of me who changed her mind at the last fraction of a second and started crying out of emotions, i kept smiling, but deep inside i was shitting myself. i asked a couple of advises to lofty's cousin who had done it before, and then LET MYSELF GO. it was quick, not scary and quite fun. we went on to a bar, then to a pub and finally joined jeanpanick's friends in brick lane. we stopped in a club where a bunch of creative heads were painting and drawing and colouring like crazy children aged between 20 and 35. [this is london, readers!] a an average curry and a few drinks later, we ended up at the loungelover. jeanpanick's italian artists' knowledge of bars and clubs in london was impressive and they took us there! it is a bar i have always wanted to see because i read interesting reviews about it. it was like to be in an antique/art/flea gallery. a really extravagant place, kitsch at first sight, quirky and charming at second sight and a bit posh and exclusive at the sight of the menu. after all, madonna celebrated here her birthday last august.
i am still feeling sick (soar throat and cave voice), and dried up, both physically and intellectually. i have been using all my creativity at work and am left like an empty bottle in the evenings. there is something annoying myself very much about my (post-work) life lately, but i haven't figure it out well. it may simply be that i am in the PMS black mood. i am going to cringe over my paturnias now, if you excuse me... nite nite.

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