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Sunday, 18 March 2007

style notes (part 3 - last for today)

one of the distinctive features of missoni (see above) - one of my favourite designers of all times - is that the explosion of colours is usually framed by black lines (a strap, a belt or a simple decoration) conveying boldness to the *artwork* (the price tag, if nothing else, makes missoni clothes pieces of art). below is a selection of pretty dresses and blouses designed on the same principle but definitely more affordable, a must-to-have, according to amicacarmilla, for this spring/summer 2007. [clock on the pictures to enlarge them.]

the geometrical pattern and the soft scarf used as a belt make this '50s style dress contemporary and yet retro.

this a pois dress is ethereal and yet funky thanks to its easy shape, the carnival feel and, of course, the black trimms.

this blouse's design reminds a japanese print for its flowery theme and the contrast of red and black.

this good girl top is sweet and romantic, but the black edges give character to it. great over a pair of distressed blue-jeans.

kimono style top with contrasted flowery pattern and puffy long sleeves is perfect over a pair of white jeans and flat sandals.

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