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Tuesday, 28 November 2006

The Sloth is a Slob

I have been feeling like a sloth or a koala recently: in constant need of energy to manage to go through the day. The result: me hanging around the house purposelessly and miserably. Lofty renamed me a slob. : (
Last week I had migraine (with all its consequences: black mood, nausea, etc) for three days. I consulted all the headache centre websites and used all the tricks in my knowledge, including drinking plenty of water, sticking my head under a chilly shower, (reluctantly) taking tablets, massaging my neck, wrapping a wet bandage around my forehead, etc., but the pain was still there: subtle and familiar, but immanently present. By the end of the third day I was exhausted and at several times I busted into tears. On Saturday I had the so-longed-for SPA Day. It could not have come at a better moment! It helped me a lot, but by the end of the day I was still feeling weird… The day after one of my suspects were confirmed: I got my period. I am pretty sure that I have been victim of the so-called pre-menstrual syndrome. I mean, I know I am prone to headaches and migraines because I have suffered from them all my life (I remember my travel sickness experiences as a young girl and my child headaches, which would miraculously disappear only during school holidays), but what I experienced last week was more than a simple migraine. I am okay now, and I am trying to sort my diet out. Work is getting calmer now, so I should be able to take more frequent breaks and concentrate my self into my new regime. Yes, I feel I have to get back into a friendly regime. My aim is to accomplish all my chores (including: finish redecorating the flat (we are getting there), buying presents, attending the various Xmas parties) without getting stressed about it. Another good year-end resolution is to start cooking again. I did prepare an easy dinner yesterday and I am going to cook tonight. Go on, Amicacarmilla!! : )
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I know you want to know about my SPA day: it was great, but (there is always a *but*) it was too crowded for my and Valentina’s tastes. After all you go to these places to relax and unplug yourself, you also want it to be a bit exclusive (like an oasis in the middle of the city), but it was almost impossible snore in the snooze area because of all the chat chat chat coming from the adjacent carp lounge. So, at the end of the day Valentina and I decided to complain about it in our own style (mine softer; Valentina’s sterner). Our duo strategy paid us off: we got a free day membership to use early next year! Go on Amicacarmilla! It was great to be able to walk in sloth mode between the Thai seating area, the snooze zone, and the lounge in swimming costume and dressing gown. We had several saunas and Hamman followed by boosting chilly showers; we swam in a warm pool; we tried on all the available beauty products in the shop; had colour relaxation therapy; a lovely facial treatment and we were offered a scary skin consultation: seeing yourself through an ultraviolet lit mirror and The facial treatment is what I enjoyed most: it started with a foot scrub and massage, face cleaning, cooling menthol scrub, rose and pear oil face, head and shoulder massage, charcoal hot face mask and moisturiser. Two products I truly recommend:

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