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I don't believe in morality, but I believe in ethical conduct as set out by His Holiness the Dalai Lama: "Ethical conduct = a way of behaving that respects others’ right to be happy".

Saturday, 2 September 2006

All is well ...

... what ends well. Please note that I am writing as a thirty-year-old woman!
I did go to Italy eventually. Two days later than planned and 200 quids later. The stress I endured was timeless! I was communicated that my flight was cancelled, when in fact it was NOT. The only and affordable ticket I found was with Alitalia leaving from Heathrow (the most messed up airport) at 6.40am. I got there three hours earlier as advised and the check in was not even open yet. A handwritten sign informed me that the flight got cancelled (this time for real!). The following one on schedule was 10 hours later. So, I went back home and back again in the evening. The driving to the airport that night was another adventure: we got caught in a flooding! As a result of that, I arrived relatively late to the terminal building. In the waiting area I was staring at the monitors in fear: several flights above and below mine got cancelled. Luftansa asked its customers to go back to the checkin area and pick their luggages up because no more flights were on for that day. My flight was delayed nearly two hours, but we took off eventually and safely landed two hours later in Rome (as opposed to Ancona, my final destination). They took over one hour to deliver us back our suitcases! My dad was there waiting for me. He had driven from Ancona and had been waiting for over two hours at the arrivals. We took three more hours to get home. I was knackered but I did my best to keep my-self and my dad awake. We drank a bottle of coke each! I got home at 5am on Monday morning totally exhausted but relieved! The six days I got left were really pleasant and regenerating. I went to the beach every day (it is just opposite our flat), ate tons of ice-cream, had two big lunches with my relatives, swam, read, went on my uncle's boat, got to know a really sweet girl (Francesca) who leaves just two doors away from me, met up with Claudia and Giacomo who own a holiday house just 5 minutes from us and Vanessa came to visit me. All of this before Lofty arrived (without disuruptions and on time) two days later. Together we went to the beach, cycled around the near countryside, and had a big dinner in the courtyard of the residence with all our neighbours. There my mum introduced us to all the people she had been getting to know since July. I actually already knew everything of everybody before meeting them. It is like a small community, which is sometimes scary, especially, for my adolescent cousin! Ilenia came to visit us one night and, together with Claudia and Giacomo, we all went for dinner into a Pugliese restaurant. The last day we went go-carting with my cousin Giacomo. The day of departure was a sad day for me. Francesca came to say good-bye and brought me a birthday present which I promised to open on the 30th. Claudia tried to call but I missed her. She texted later on saying that she was already feeling nostalgic. Once at home in London I felt a bit better. We went to the supermarket and prepared a lush dinner. I went to bed early in preparation of three hard days at work followed by an intense long weekend in Berlin.

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