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Sunday, 14 May 2006

This summer in my bag ...

After a lethargic period, I am reopening this blog with a picture of *what is in my bag*. This appreciated initiative, embraced by Superqueen, blog-star of fashion and pop culture, is proving itself successful. So, after posting the content of my winter bag, accurately psychologised by Superqueen here, I am now showing the Summary version! I am going to send a copy to her to be published in her rubric, but I am also posting and analysing it here as a different way to talk about my current mood.

Here the content description: from top, clockwise:

  • Canon Camera in orange shell case;
  • My Orla Kiely bag, purchased at Liberty one year ago;
  • A lovely Sunflower (which is NOT in my bag, but serves to convey a sense of summer!);
  • Oyster card;
  • La Prairie eye cream;
  • My passport wrapped in a blue metallic case;
  • Mint chewing gums;
  • Cherry Lancome glossy;
  • Keys and Dimensione Danza necklace/key holder in orange & purple;
  • Little Miss Late booklet, present from my friend Fede that I ironically bring around with me in (the likely) case I am late;
  • Floral elastic band;
  • Classic Ray Ban 70s glasses;
  • Moleskine diary with passport photos of my half;
  • TimeOut travel guide of Valencia;
  • London Bargain Guide;
  • My new Art Deco style Nokia telephone 7360 with headphones and grey knitted sock case;
  • My yppie-poddy in its acid green sock.

And in the centre, my usual big wallet in sand colour.

As opposed to my wintery belongings, this bag and its content are characterised by colours and frivolousness. Literature has been replaced by a shopping guide; the hairy ear cuffs by a pair of vintage sunglasses. The propolis throat spray and silky slippers leave their space to a video i-pod. A passport and a travel guide hint at my itchy feet. The music, a new telephone and the bargain guide at a social and active disposition. The oyster card and camera are a constant--something never changes.

Superqueen defined my black bag with a metaphor: as “a fruit with a hard shell hiding a fancy world, rich of suggestions”. It was an appreciated compliment. I would define this summer bag simply as a mirror of my restless soul in quest for ad-venture. Let’s hear Superqueen’s verdict now!

Postum Scriptum--Let it to be noted that this is my free-time bag. My working bag is alas much more sober and practical.

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