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Monday, 22 May 2006

A news on a news

On 16 My The Independent was guest-edited by Bono. Half the revenue from the edition was donated to the Global Fund to Fight Aids. For one day the newspaper emblematically changed name into the (RED) Independent. I bought a copy which I am going to keep in my archive. Generally speaking, every single article, every single corner of each single page is worth to be read. Heavy articles alternates with more frivolous news, without being as malicious and gossipy as many other broadsheets. Here is the diverse table of contents.
  • Bono: I am a witness. What can I do?
  • Nelson Mandela: We are grateful for (RED)'s work
  • EU subsidies harm Africa's farmers
  • Blair and Brown: Still optimistic on G8
  • (RED) phone in battle against Aids
  • Bodies of African immigrants pile up
  • Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala
  • Climate change will be catastrophe for Africa
  • Africa's medicine man
  • Banksy takes to streets
  • Live8 and Gleneagles - what did they achieve?
  • Can rock stars change the world?
  • Bob Geldof: Aid isn't the answer
  • Niall Fitzgerald: Not a burden
  • Jeremy Laurance: Why RED can boost Global Fund and its war on HIV
  • The wisdom of Giorgio
  • Rice's music choice
  • The Edge
  • American Life, by Elvis Costello
  • John Walsh: Tales of the City
  • Play our RED game
  • Buy RED print edition
  • External RED links
  • Hilary Benn in Uganda
  • Eddie Izzard: 'We need Europe to be a melting-pot
The above articles can be read here. This man never ends amazing me. Bless him!


carrie_lofty said...

Bono is one of those rare people whose importance will only barely be understood within his lifetime. If he was a monk (like Mother Teresa was a nun) or a religious leader (like the Dalai Lama), he would be lauded and praised for his work. However, his position as U2's lead singer - which is, ironically, the profession that allows him such vast name recognition and influence - will ensure that his intentions, actions, and altruism are always prone to criticism. People will harbor the suspicion that he - like other "this year's cause" celebrities - will abandon the mission and go back to a spoiled life (like Sting, etc). Only years later will he be viewed as the wholly unrepentant, modern, powerful, generous, humanistic bleeding heart hero that he is. I love him very purely, as one can love an idea, feeling. He gives me hope that everyone can be influential and strong within the parameters of thier lives.

carrie_lofty said...

Love the new blog look, btw :)