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I don't believe in morality, but I believe in ethical conduct as set out by His Holiness the Dalai Lama: "Ethical conduct = a way of behaving that respects others’ right to be happy".

Thursday, 12 January 2006

A rich cosy-lazy fun-boring long Christmas

Happy New Year to the all Blogsphere! I am physically back and hope to resume my blog very soon (I should get a new computer this Sunday. By then, I hope to start posting some pictures as well). In the meanwhile, I will entertain you with the list of presents I got from this Christmas and some highlights from this holi-days. As you know, this year I celebrated three Christmasses: an English one in Surrey, a Xmas in Italy with my family and a third one with some of the closest friends—a triple occasion to eat, drink, cultivate my friendships and receive tons of pressies. Namely, on the presents' front, as well as vouchers and money, I got: a retro style scale, Hello Kitty Roller Rescue Play Station DVD, The Corporation DVD & a pocket size DVD reader (from my half); a floreal swatch, a rubber bracelet with sparkling stones built on silver letters composing my name, a Baci Perugina light blue scarf, a poncho, a red warm blanket (from my parents); vintage style coffee cups & a rose brooch (from Vanessa); the Mukka Express (from my cousins); Wuthering Heights DVD & Casablanca DVD (from Keven and Lindsey); a pair of pink pearl earrings (from Laura); fair trade goodies (from Ary & mao); a photo holder (from Ilenia); a Benetton stripy night dress (from Claudia); a coloured cushion (from Bea); loads of choco, knitting needles & wool with enclosed instructions on how to knit a bag and a Jamie Oliver calendar (from Linda & Trevor). During these holidays I overslept every single morning (my biological alarm clock never rang before 3pm—and I am not exaggerating), watched numerous films (Casablanca, Wuthering Heights, Como Agua para Chocolate, It’s a Wonderful Life, Riso Amaro, The Snowman, The Pianist), went out for dinner twice with a bunch of friends (one night, in particular, I went here (a welcoming and stylish Agriturismo in the heart of Le Marche, and it was a really cosy and intimate night). I went to a disappointing exhibition with my dad (The Da Vinci exhibition in Ancona) and visited some old people. I got also a remarkable number of defeats at Risk and Trivial Pursuit, for which I am still meditating my revenge, but thanks to which I got the pleasure of spending some quality time with some dearest people I don't get to see very often outside the festive seasons. I particularly enjoyed NYE spent at my friend's house as the video my friend recorded that night witnesses: I am always in the focus dancing and shouting without regard for the camera—very embarrassing indeed, but at least I look happy. Oh, and I managed to wear my long purple gown for this occasion. I will bypass the down-lights of this holiday, including bereavement in my family on Christmas day, some silly arguments with my parents and the boredom of some days left unplanned. Apart from this, it was a great and regenerating holiday.


carrie_lofty said...

What was disappointing about the Da Vinci exhibit? and I'm hoping we'll see movie reviews from you when you get caught up...!

Reckless Monkey said...

I was watching the local football team at the time, which was great, aside from the cold feet, so I can't help.