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Wednesday, 12 October 2005

Attack to the Smurfs (known also as Puffi)

Here you go! They killed a myth of my childhood. The Smurfs (known also as Puffi) have been bombed. And Smurfette (known also as Puffetta) died (can you see her foot on the left corner of the picture?).
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What should we expect next? That all our idols will be targeted one by one?!? Also the safest place on earth (the memory of our fantasy world has been violated). :o (
Click on Barbapapa


carrie_lofty said...

Any idea why? Why kill Smurfs (other than the annoying singing)? Were kids traumatized?

Gatto Nero said...

No, it was a spot against war by Unicef.
In fact, as you can see, the only one alive is Baby Puffo (Baby Smurf?)...

Mircalla said...

fatrobot said...

gargamel works for unicef killing smurfs
he also killed the barbapapas
good riddance

Mircalla said...

Don't think so. Barbapapa is still alive!!! And he still sings. Click on him if you don't believe me.